Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Julien's Party Animal Birthday Party!!

 Julien turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and wow was it ever a cute little party! I started seeing on Pinterest all of these cute ideas with little animals with party hats on! I couldn't help myself! We had a theme!! Let me just say making party hats for tiny animals isn't for the faint of heart... especially at midnight... but it's what we do... being a mom has one doing lots of crazy ass stuff for the sake of making these little memory marks on our hearts! Is it really worth it... of course it is! 

 I found these sweet little hats on amazon! They were actually pretty easy to put together! even at midnight! ;-) The kids loved them and they are so cute for pictures! 

 Can I just say how much I loved his invitation!!! I love the drawings of these animals in hats! Makes me laugh! I got so many calls the day the invites arrived to friends... oohs and ahhhhs and everyone was excited to celebrate! That's the thing with invitations... Martha Stewart always says... "They set the tone and mood of the party!" oh Martha... you're so right! So Caravan Shoppe has this amazing FREE download link to these invites... you then can put your own text too to customize! I even made these sweet take-home jars of animal cookies! Just spray paint the lids and gorilla glue the tiny animals to them... tie on the thank you tag with some baker's string! So fun! 

This tent was so fun for all the little ones to play around had that party animal vibe! I put lots of jungle animal books around and little puppets! Such a hit! You can find the tent here!  

 Lately I have been LOVING these paper fans! I see them a lot on Pinterest and just had to give them a try myself! They actually stick with masking tape and don't ruin the walls! yay! You can find them here! I get them for all sorts of things because they just make a party! 

 How perfect is this Jungle Kiddie Pool! Julien LOVES it so much! Everyday he hops in this and loves to go up and down that slide! We got him this pool for his birthday present actually and used it at the party! hooray!

I cheated on my runners to make the whole look all match throughout the house without buying a bunch of tablecloths I wouldn't be needing... all of my tables I just taped black and white wrapping paper from here...! easy peasy!

We just had such a blast all day! I really just tried to take it all in and mingle with family and friends and just hug and kiss my 2 year old as much as I could!!! These are the days that we will always remember!

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