Saturday, March 23, 2019

camping on Rainbow River!

There's something about camping that really let's us connect with our kids... could be the lack of electronics.. could be the abundance of closeness...
Sleeping like sardines, falling asleep hugging each other, waking up two inches apart, it really is wonderful and such a treat.
This camping trip to the Rainbow River State Park, we went with some great friends of ours. They claimed to not be seasoned campers but I beg to differ... they were naturals! We had so much fun working together, setting up camp, and figuring out fun dinners! They are vegan so we had a whole other spin on the camping experience that was quite fun to try something new... being vegan for a couple of days! 
I know one day... like so many of my days... I find it nice to think that our kids will grow up telling their own children about our camping days...

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