Monday, January 7, 2019

trimming the tree...

I want to remember these days forever and ever and then again and again...
Time is fleeting that is for sure... I almost have a 13 year old "little" girl... how can that be? While the thought of these things make my heart feel like a lead balloon... I have to just let it be and enjoy the now. It's what is here and what is now and what we can enjoy and be happy about. I know in a few years I will look back on these years and all the traditions that I truly love with every ounce of my soul... I know my family does too and to me that is absolutely perfect! 
Our house is just about finished being renovated! It feels as though we lived in one of those books I have read before where the family renovates a home and all the ups and downs and excitement and happiness that comes with it! This year Christmas felt like we were in a new home... because we kinda were. There were new places to make memories, new little views to watch the children decorate the tree. New smells, new creeks in the floors. It is true your home is just walls and a roof... but I really believe it's the people in it and the conversations had... and the memories made that can truly make a home so much more. 

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