Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cecilia's 10th Birthday Party!!!

Oh sweet Cecilia how can it be your 10th Birthday... actually it feels right! It really does! She feels 10 to me... She has always been talking about a unicorn magical sleepover... but as it got closer she felt a little nervous to do so... fearing it may be too babyish... well... with much convincing from big sister and thank you Target and TJMaxx for all the latest fun unicorn material... she pepped back into her unicorn groove and had a very magical day!
Lots of sweet friends and glitter and even some snow! faux snow that is... it was a great day and night and morning! Happy 10th Birthday sweetheart! We love you!

I got the unicorn masks from Amazon
Plates and Napkins from Target
PiƱata from Target

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