Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cecilia is 10

Wow TEN... WOW! It happened... she turned ten in December... It felt right... I mean, I may have stared at her for a half hour around 11pm on the night before she turned ten... I just wanted to absorb  nine for a little bit longer... Do you ever feel like that...? like you just can't hang on to your babies any longer... it's like they slip out of your fingers like wet little fish... and then bam it happens... they get older... it's ok... it has to be that way. 
I didn't cry my eyes out like I did two days before our oldest turned ten 2 or so years ago... no, I did that 2 days later when we remembered to watch Cecilia's 10 year video I made her of her years up to now... Mattias and I had a bucket full of tears rolling down our cheeks watching that one... damn sappy music... get's us every time... and it's ok. Our girls always laugh at us and hug us and let us know it's going to be ok. Well whew, what a relief... hahaha...

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