Wednesday, May 16, 2018

starting of the addition...

 I haven't posted in awhile... We have been up to our eyeballs renovating our home... pretty much building a new home for the most part! With that comes a little bit of stress but A LOT of EXCITEMENT! We are living in our home as it is being remodeled which feels a lot like... camping! yes camping is what I would call it... Some nights as you're falling asleep if you listen you can hear raccoons walking around... you have to walk through the back of our home to brush your teeth... and well sometimes the water isn't working so well. I keep reminding myself again and again this is all going to be worth it... and I know deep down it will and just about is.

These pics above are from the beginning stages... and now if only Home Depot would call us with our special order door being in... we would be just about done! 
It's been so so wonderful having my father do this for us! I'm so so so thankful! Mattias is helping and running our other business... poor guy... about to lose it at times... but I am so thankful for him... working on our home and our biz all while being a pretty fabulous Pappa to our babes!
With my father building this it just feels so neat that we will have his handprint on it along with so many memories of my parents being here and helping through the process!
There have been some hiccups and some fun surprises! some extra expenses and some really awesome deals! Sometimes it just swallows me up and I feel it will never end and I start to cry and I want to rip a wall down... and then I dream of what it will look like... I fantasize the holidays... where we will put our tree, the stockings, how will Santa come... I think about birthdays, Sundays on our new back porch.... When the fear of doubt comes at me like a train I have to just breath and take Julien on a walk... I'm pretty sure I walk nearly 5 miles a day... no joke, I've tracked it... It's great for my mind and for losing the baby weight! ha! but mostly my mind... :-)
Sometimes I feel that these 6 months have slipped away like melted butter... then I have to think about the future and all the memories we will soon make... and gosh all the fun ones that have happened because of this... and then I feel so grateful!