Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Medieval Faire!

Fall Camping 2018

This fall our friends from Sweden came to visit... We thought, perfect time for a camp trip! Every summer we go to Sweden we go with them on a canoeing camp trip... which is, we canoe to an island and everything we need is on our canoes! No electricity, no water, no toilets, no fire!!! We do it all! It's so fun! so we wanted to take them Florida camping... to a spring!
Camping brings friends together in a way that is so hard to explain... Working together to set up our site, making our own food in nature... and having lots of fun all at the same time... it's fantastic! 


I love love love our neighborhood!!! Love the fun grassroots kinds of events we have! I love whenever you step out of your door a neighbor is outside and says hello... all the dogs know each other and so do the people... This was such a great day! Porchfest! It's a super fun annual event! Lots of bands come to play on our porches and the neighborhood kinda comes alive and all together! It's a beautiful thing!

Summer in Sweden! -part 3