Thursday, December 28, 2017

Let's Flamingal Cecilia!!!

awe wowieeee what a fun party we had for Cecilia!
Our house is currently under construction! Like big time! So a cozy backyard party was not in our stars... we asked her what her dream party would be and she pretty much had this for her vision...
She wanted a beach party right by the water with all of her favorite friends! Sandcastle making contest was high on the list and tropical flowers and pineapples and flamingos! So fun!
The weather was a dream come true... the kids even had a little swim... on DECEMBER 23!!!
We played, celebrated, sang, ate so much food, even watched the sunset... and then lit a lantern for her... this party was magical!

I had so much fun with all the little details... that is where my heart comes out with parties... I just love special thoughtful little hints! ... it was a little bit tricky this year with half of our house missing... but with the help of Mattias & my parents it was a success! My mom made so many fun decorations! We had a lot of fun putting this all together! The end result... one happy little girl! Happy 9th Birthday!!!

flamingos & pineapple fun!

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