Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Halloween 2017

I remember growing up, Halloween was one of the best days... you would go to school wiggling in your chair all day waiting for that final bell to ring... running to the school bus to get into your costumes! I remember all the neighbors decorated homes for all of us kids to oooooh and ahh over! My mom would stuff my flannel shirt and jeans with straw and I was a scarecrow... then one year I had a wand made of tin foil... pointy witch nose... kitty ears... what would we be? We would hop into hay covered trailers with spooky music blaring.... sitting cozy with friends ready to leap out at each person's home for a treat! This to me was Halloween...
Now with my own kids I get to write this story of their own Halloween memories... I feel it's a good one. 

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