Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Market Day!

I love our sweet little town... I love Saturdays in the city... Farmer's Market day. Such a feel. I love the busyness and all the people meandering around in and out of little magic veggie booths. I love how everyone has their own little way of carrying their veggies. Woven baskets, antique wooden bins. I think everyone tries to make their own little farmer's market memory... if these baskets could talk. Maybe some were found on an island when one travelled, a visit to Provence, passed down from a Grandmother... My basket is quite special... the strawberry stains, the weathered handle... I carry it everywhere. It's from Africa and I could just kiss the person that made it!
When we walk around the market people are buzzing... talking about weather, their dogs, their babies... You start to talk about the fresh cilantro... one will ask what you will do with it... then you speak about recipes... gosh maybe even invite them for a coffee.
People in our town are so friendly...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Last Days before Summer Vacation!!!

Oopsie... I forgot to post this last spring...
This was the end of the school year coming to a close... it kinda gives me a little lump in my heart when I think of this time... It was super sweet but bittersweet, maybe...
My big girl was still in 5th grade and our little in 2nd, and gosh Julien was just a newborn...
This time thing happens and although my gosh I LOVE this life... sometimes time makes me weep. I wish I could keep my babies little forever but what would that do...? It's so beautiful to watch them grow and accomplish things and enjoy their own lives too! Us mammas make our babies a strong firm amazing nest and love them way too much if that can be... and then we have to let them try to fly on their own sometimes... so that one day they will fly high and away from our nests...
I know I have plenty of time until my babies fly... but there are times now with my middle school girl that I get little glimpses of her learning to fly a bit... and I have to let it be ok with my heart.

The Sponge Docks!

This summer we did a lot of exploring our beautiful state! Florida has so much to offer and we totally love it here! We love the little hidden gems of our state. The old Florida feels.
This sweet little place is Tarpon Springs!... known for The Sponge Docks!
We spent the day here walking all around. There's a lot of Greek heritage in Tarpon Springs so man oh man the restaurants are amaaaazing!!! Hella's was delicious! The best mousaka ever!
The girls really loved seeing something knew... I think Julien loved it too! He surely loves his new sponge we got for his baths... :-)