Tuesday, July 11, 2017


One of my most favorite parties of the year... We've been celebrating Midsommar well since forever... since I met Mattias. He introduced me to this celebration and I just may love it more than he does now... Friends coming together to celebrate the longest day of the year... flowers in your hair, dancing around a midsommar pole, drinking songs, seafood. It's so dreamy.
Now with children... well that's been for awhile now... I love to keep the traditions going and spark that fire inside each of these children to make these memories and do something worth celebrating. It tends to be a wild night usually... lasts until midnight or so... kids crash asleep, drinks are spilt, flower crowns start to wilt... but these memories that we have and our children tuck inside their hearts fill my heart to the rim.

I think the best part of the night for me was when I asked the children if they could help me be the waiters and deliver the coffee and strawberries and cream... one little girl got so excited she nearly had tears in her eyes and she squeezed me tight and said, "Thank you SO MUCH Miss. Kollene for inviting us to your party!!! This is the best night ever!!!" 
There that's enough for me... that's worth it!
Dinner parties are starting to fade as our children are growing... maybe it's the stress of it... the preparation, the clean up... but I really believe that it's one of the most important things in life...
Coming together as friends, family, breaking bread together and sharing delicious food at a table... 
These are the memories we will have.

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