Thursday, June 29, 2017


Easter, my favorite holiday! I love how simple it is... no wait, Christmas, no Easter!
AHhhhh I love it all!
I love the traditions and this year with a new little baby I loved it the most!
Our girls remember what we're supposed to do each and every year... it's like our traditions are burnt into their brains... I don't think they'll ever forget their childhood...
We may not be the best with daily routines but damn we're good with holidays!

The egg hunt! Thank goodness the raccoons decided to stay away from the eggs the bunny hid! I'm pretty sure the bunny put a spell on them! Hunting for their eggs with baby Julien was just delicious! The scamper of little feet in flip flops running every which way! The way their Pappa turns into a skittish 7 year old boy again... racing them to the eggs he spies... who can get there first! The way the girls check each other's baskets to make sure the other has found enough... just like big sister always gathers loot from pinatas at birthday parties for her little sister... these are the things I will remember when they're grown...

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