Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Does anyone else stand over their babies the night before they turn the next age and just watch them... as if something magical will happen... they will all of a sudden look older... like a birthday fairy may lift their window and fly in and sprinkle magic dust over them and make their feet bigger and their faces longer and their spirits wiser... don't blink at midnight or you may just miss that moment...
Every year I do this... and maybe it's the tears that make things a little blurry but I swear something does happen... my babies grow.

This year it wasn't nearly as hard as the last... ten was rough. Eleven just happened... and I rolled with it. Could be the ever present bump that is bursting in front of me with a new little bundle that I too will probably stand over and wait for the fairies to come... but whatever it was I was relieved to not turn into a snotty mess of a mom this year! I embraced this young lady that I love so much! I let eleven happen and smiled!

I am just so happy for this awesome girl! She really is something and I just love her passion and spirit and want to be near her always!
Happy 11th Birthday Honey! xoxoxo

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