Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Due Time!!!

oh my goodness I just cannot really put into words my excitement for my family and our expansion! ha! I just love the thought of a big family and cannot believe how lucky we are and gosh I feel it! Soon we will be a "Party of Five!" of course things do make me nervous... it's due time! I'm 40 weeks... I do feel nervous... will I be able to love one more just as much as I love my two girls... of course I know the answer but again I wonder and know that there will be a shift that will happen in that birth euphoria! I get a little weepy at the thought of Cecilia becoming a big sister... even though she told me "she was BORN to be a big sister... FINALLY!!" hahaha! But then I think about all the new adventures we will have together all over again! I love kids and babies and I just cannot wait to show my girls in a time they will remember how precious this part of womanhood really is! So tomorrow is my due date... March 22nd... I have been feeling the feels and rocking them through... I've been working on visualizing birth... how I will breath through it... I'm just going to take it one wave at a time and find my center along the way... excited!

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