Tuesday, February 7, 2017

leading up to ho ho ho time...

Gosh there is something just so magical about Christmas! I love it so! It's probably all of the childhood memories from when we were kids that keep things sparkly! My husband loves Christmas so much too and we just turn into ridiculous adults with Santa hats and stripey pajamas belting out tunes of White Christmas and trying to squeeze out any last ounce of festive we can before December 24th! It's exhausting but it's worth it! The kids are worth it! Their jitters are worth it! The magic is always worth it!... and we love it!

she's 8!!!

This year Cecilia's birthday was extra special! Her Grandma & Grandpa (Farmor & Farfar) came all the way from Sweden to help her celebrate! It was so nice! Cecilia felt so special to have them here!

We always wake each other on birthdays with singing and cards and presents and breakfast in bed! 

Well, I'd say... Cecilia had a pretty fantastic 8th Birthday!!! ...and she should! she's a pretty fantastic little girl that we love more than words! Such a gentle loving little soul! 
Happy 8th Birthday Honey Bunny!!!

Camp Cecilia!!! 8!

Oh what fun our little one's birthday was!!! 8 is so great! ;-)
It was our first nighttime birthday party and it was really fun! Campout!
We did a scavenger hunt, roasted marshmallows, hot cocoa, grilled hot dogs, watched a movie under the stars, oh my gosh it just was such a blast! I think my favorite part was how laid back this party was! Just hanging out around the fire... remembering to give my baby a hug and ask if she was having a fun party here and there! Taking it in...
Happy Birthday little Camper!!!