Sunday, July 10, 2016


 To me Midsommar is about tradition, it's about being together, and it's totally about strawberries! It's the longest day of the year and it's a celebration of summer! The Swedish Midsommar is usually a bit rainy... but this year... SUNSHINE!!! It was such a beautiful hot blue sky day and everyone had smiles on faces!

To set up for the big day we plucked strawberries from the garden! So juicy and sweet! maybe more of them went into our bellies instead of the bowl... ha! 

 Farfar and his girls having fun!

 Mattias made all of us girlies our Midsommar krans! Full of fresh plucked peonies and roses! We felt like princesses!

 We walked down to the village center to decorate the Midsommar pole! We filled it will wild flowers all working together! We met neighbors and we had such a fun time weaving the flowers in and out of the pole!

At last it was done and was carried to the center and set so. The accordion players and violin played as everyone was so happy eating fresh strawberry cake! I felt like is this for real... this is all so so cute! 

We danced around the Midsommar pole, laughing and holding friends and neighbor's hands being silly and watching the children all smile and be so happy!

 We sat outside until midnight, eating and drinking and talking together... It was such a nice day!

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