Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Field Trips and end of year fun!

The end of the school year... came and went... or should I say... stayed and went... dragged and went... whew! Is anyone else still dizzy from all of the fun!!!? I don't remember being a kid with this much end of school year excitement,... do you? I remember my mom bringing a couple of boxes of orange creme popsicles and we all met up by the playground at a picnic table in the shade... hahaha! It worked for us... probably still world be sufficient... but now there's pinterest.... and I'm kinda a big fan.
Field trips to Big Cat Habitat, Myakka State Park, Violin recitals, school play, teacher presents, field days, bubble parade, Jungle Book day, Garden Party! I could go on and on... It was SO MUCH FUN!!! but I'm just coming around to realizing I was in a trance of ribbons, paper napkins, popsicles, water balloons, and flowers up to my elbows! 
You know you're in an amazing school when your children are in tears the night before the last day... what an amazing school year it has been for us! The kids were so sad that it was over... they wouldn't have their teachers again, maybe they won't be in the same class with the same friends... the class will be different, they will learn new things... It's hard with change... it's hard for me too... I don't want the time to go fast... This year it felt right because I was so careful to take it all in... but still... did I blink a little too hard... Is it really true... next school year... a second and fifth grader... what?!?! 

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