Thursday, June 2, 2016

a day on a farm...

Somedays I daydream about living on a farm... a simple life... I know I know, farming probably isn't the simplest... maybe a "farmhouse" with a beautiful garden and a handful of chickens, a horse, and tons of basil and flowerpots full of geraniums on every window sill... five cats and two golden retrievers... my kids would be barefoot running from our wraparound porch into the sprinkler spraying well water all over our roses! The dogs would be dirty and hopping into the swimming pool which is where Mattias and I would be floating on our pool floats sipping sun tea! This is a dream life to me... one day... one day.
Until this dream comes true I plant my roots deep and enjoy the hell out of this life I have here! We visit farms and plant things in our own urban backyard! We wear garden clogs and have one cat so far! geraniums yep, got it! 
Last month we visited this beautiful farm for a Honey Festival! So much funnnnnn!!! Lots of honey! Lots of bees! and lots of inspiration!  We came home and the girls got to work in our garden and made two raised beds full of veggies! Things are about ready for a harvest and we're about ready for some veggies!...

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  1. Love the pictures, the words and all of you! Sun tea?