Tuesday, May 24, 2016

sleepover fun!

Twister, pedicures, popcorn and even a dance party! Isabelle's little birthday sleepover was magic!
It took me back actually to when I was her age... starting to have little friends over and all the teeheeing and bouncing on beds! I wanted that too for her!
We let her invite just two close pals and her cousin and of course her BFF sister Cecilia! It was perfect! I had so much fun suggesting little sleepover games to them. Helping them make their own memories that they too will remember when they're 36 to do for their own kids!

not a lot has changed since my sleepover days... well... kinda.. a big memory for me was prank calls... enough said...
now we don't even have a landline.. or a phone book to look up cute boy in class's number... nope...

from taco truck the glamper turned into a pancake truck! The girls thought it was so much fun!
Maple syrup dripping from elbows and sticky berries and fresh whipped cream! It was a dream!

These are the days... I often say that... These are the days that are the foundation of our kid's childhood... their friendships, their happiness... This book of life we write has many chapters, many stories that make up a great novel... I hope to write a good one. 

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