Tuesday, May 24, 2016

sleepover fun!

Twister, pedicures, popcorn and even a dance party! Isabelle's little birthday sleepover was magic!
It took me back actually to when I was her age... starting to have little friends over and all the teeheeing and bouncing on beds! I wanted that too for her!
We let her invite just two close pals and her cousin and of course her BFF sister Cecilia! It was perfect! I had so much fun suggesting little sleepover games to them. Helping them make their own memories that they too will remember when they're 36 to do for their own kids!

not a lot has changed since my sleepover days... well... kinda.. a big memory for me was prank calls... enough said...
now we don't even have a landline.. or a phone book to look up cute boy in class's number... nope...

from taco truck the glamper turned into a pancake truck! The girls thought it was so much fun!
Maple syrup dripping from elbows and sticky berries and fresh whipped cream! It was a dream!

These are the days... I often say that... These are the days that are the foundation of our kid's childhood... their friendships, their happiness... This book of life we write has many chapters, many stories that make up a great novel... I hope to write a good one. 

Monday, May 23, 2016


I just love the setting up of our parties... getting things just so... I love how now that our girls are older, how they love to help. They feel so proud. We love pinning fun ideas first, then getting creative making our own decorations, baking a cake, putting snacks out, tying balloons onto tree branches...

Mexican Fiesta was our theme! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! A few months before Isabelle's tenth birthday we took a vacation to Mexico! What a fun trip that was! At one of the little villages we stopped in we found all sorts of Mexican dresses and blouses! Right away, Isabelle spotted these types of dresses and admired them so! She asked if this dress could be her birthday dress...? Of course! and then my creative juices started to flow with a fun Mexican Fiesta theme! What fun!
I found so many little special things in Mexico. When we returned I went to some of the Mexican import shops to buy the food and some decorations!

My father loaned us the retro glamper! We turned it into a taco truck! It was SO COOL! The kids loved playing restaurant too! We stocked it with a blender for the grownup margaritas, LOTS of tacos and all the fun fixings! Such a blast!

The take home present was chicklet gums! I found them at a little Mexican import shop which may have been more authentic than Mexico! ;-) 

such little cuties having a great day celebrating their pal Isabelle!

This pic above is the way I want to remember Isabelle on her tenth birthday! Total pure happiness! Being a photographer really really helps me take in moments that I would usually maybe let pass by... I always find myself in a moment knowing that this moment is beautiful enough to capture and hold onto forever... Isabelle on her birthday was full of happiness and joy and that to me filled me to the rim with satisfaction! Being a birthday girl is a fun thing to be! but being a mamma of a happy birthday girl is bliss!

Little buddies... Isabelle and Grant! Friends since they were born... there is something special about their friendship. Just a week apart growing up together is a little special...

My brother was a big help and turned into the party director! He made the "pin the sombrero on the iguana" game.. spun kids for the piñata! It was so fun!
and ps. thank you Uma and Umpa for such a pretty piñata!!! what a hit!

Something special about our traditional backyard bashes! 10 years in the making! we have it down pat!