Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Summer 2015 Road Trip!!! (part six)

Asheville is amazing to us! It is beautiful, quirky, real, and natural! It's hard to put in words how I feel while visiting Asheville... I feel like I can be myself there... I can talk to a shop keeper about life and children growing up and know that she too is genuine when our waitress confesses to remembering us back a few summers, loving our family at a little hole in the wall restaurant! That's real! Asheville is full of music and banjos and violins and folk and fun hipsters with suspenders strumming their hearts out and grabbing our girls' hands to sway a bit.. Asheville is full of color, art, paint, beer! So many stores do their own thing with pottery of weird bunnies with hats on and ivy growing up to touch bird feeders with seashells glued on and tea cups hanging from tree branches. Asheville is delicious! and I want to go back every month!

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