Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Hearts Day and a wiggly tooth!

I love Valentine's Day at school! those little itty bitty cards and the anticipation of handing them out! I think my favorite part was in the evening while filling them out the girls writing "your friend" to the boys and "love" to the girls... you don't want them to get the wrong idea right! hahahaha so cute!
and oh those conversation candy hearts... aren't the purple ones the best!
I was so glad to help out in my 4th grader's class... as she gets older I knew this time is fleeting and soon she won't have these sorts of parties... so instead of crying about it, enjoy it!

this was a time that yup you just have to sit back and let it sink in for a minute... the right of passage of losing that top front tooth... that changes that baby face into little girl face... things change and so do you... but instead of being sappy these days I'm choosing to just be happy! why not! 

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