Thursday, April 21, 2016


ok so let me just kinda start out by saying... I never wanted to go on a cruise before...
Could have been my sea sickness problem, well yes a little... but more so I didn't like the thought of being stuck on a boat for days, not seeing land, cruise people, too touristy... blah blah blah...
Let me just say... I LOVE CRUISING!!!
I'm a big fan now! It's totally amazing in so many ways!
Princess Cruise totally delivers!
We had such a relaxing time and it was really FUN!!!
We went with my parents too which was so great to have that quality time together!

Our ship was the big one to the left... the one minus the eyeball!
This view ahead is always my view... my families bums... I'm always the last one... could be because I'm fumbling around with my camera and once I'm set I look up and there they are. Why not capture this view of mine...

Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico... from there we took a ferry to Playa del Carmen... from there a bus to Tulum! Wow, our tour guide was incredible! We learned SO much about the Mayan culture! The Mayan calendar! Iguanas! The weather! It was so fun! We learned about fish tacos and how to order and how they make the amazing iy yi yi sauce that goes inside! Tequila! 
But the Mayan ruins were so beautiful! We wandered around as our girls well,... wined a bit about the heat, imagine that... but we promised them a swim at the beach which was unreal! 

It's hard to see where the sky meets the sea isn't it! My favorite colors! Those blues and aquas are unreal! The water felt so nice to cool off in!

Oh man do I ever love being on vacation! I mean, who's with me!? I just love checking out new places and finding our way around. I think that is what I was afraid of with cruising is not being able to explore islands or see so much but actually it was great! Cruising now a-days is quite fun because you are able to explore and you don't have to be with the cruisey people... but they're not so bad, promise! ;-)

The next day we stopped at Costa Maya which was really nice! I heard it was very touristy which yep it sure was... but we found a little trolley, or something, not sure what it was but it was almost like a wagon with a grassy roof that we all piled into... hahaha... well we took this thing to a little "Fishing Village" about 5 minutes away and wow... now we were in Mexico! Lots of local fish and locals just you know tapping coconuts with straws for us tourists! I found a fun purse from a cool guy wearing a speedo with about 50 handbags attached to him... I love a good "how I found my purse" story! It was a really fun day with so many laughs and salty hair and kisses! My mom and dad had a blast too! lots of snorkeling and just relaxing by the shore! 

Would we cruise again??? ABSOLUTELY! The last night on the boat as we were falling asleep in our tiny bunk beds (yes, lesson learned, next time a room with a balcony!) our girls started to cry... I asked what was wrong... they said they didn't want this to end!... Done Deal! Cruising is fun people! Do it! and get your cruise on! get dorky! Wear dresses with anchors on the skirts! My husband even found the channel that played non-stop Love Boat! Go to the captain's dinner and dress up, for real! Go to the art auction and maybe have a glass or two of champagne and bid on something! or maybe not! ;-) Once I swallowed my pride and dove into cruise mode and just sat by a pool all day and imagined myself all fancy like Kate Winslet and Leo Dicaprio ... but only the happy beginning parts! and lastly let me just say if you do cruise and find yourself a little on the sea sick side I cannot recommend more those little fuzzy cloth wrist sea sick bands from Target! and the most AMAZING oil EVER... Motioneaze!!! I swear this stuff is amazzzzing! a couple drops behind our ears and we were good! Seriously I get sea sick on a kayak! 
This was probably one of my top 10 vacations! Totally together time and NO ELECTRONICS!!! 
Ok now I must go look for cruise deals! 

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