Wednesday, April 20, 2016

County Fair Fun!

before reading:

This blog may make you start to crave elephant ears and sticky caramel apples with rainbow sprinkles... You may find yourself needing to braid your hair the way your mom did your braids when you were 8... you may also find yourself digging through the attic for your old pair of converse chucks... that pair that you scribbled your BFF's name on and that cute boy that sat in front of you. Have fun reading and remember back to your town's fair days!
the cute parts...  

This day to us was maybe the best day ever!!! There was something so fun about this county fair experience that makes my face scrunch up again and again and smile big! Maybe it was the fact that we got in for only a $1 each! That helps with the stress of places like Disney World... or?
Maybe it was just that we were all in such a fun mood! Could be that I drenched us all with Doterra Essential Oils in the parking lot! hahahaha! Whatever it was, I was happy, and we made some damn fine memories this day! 

These girls are fun to watch! I love how my big girl totally protects her baby sister... Isabelle watches over her and waits for her to come off of rides, out of fun houses... makes sure that little Cecilia doesn't drop her cotton candy. It's so sweet and I hope it lasts forever and ever and I also hope that they are next door neighbors and never grow up, the end! But seriously, I love them so.

matching sister chucks... makes my heart skip a beat! I always wanted a sister to matchy match with... and although I PRRRROMISE I don't make them dress alike! I swear! I will come home with something from Target for one of them and something for the other... and they are totally upset if they don't have the same thing! "Mamma, you didn't get one for Cecilia!" This will last forever right...?  

If I close my eyes I can still hear them laughing... I can still feel their hands clenching mine as we criss crossed through the loud and noisy smoke filled midway. Sometimes when we are having a fun family time, I notice it, and really feel it and try to make it last and burn it into my heart! I do this every time! Because I do know, that life is fast... kids grow big even faster... but darn it I have to hang on to this time... Every time I am convinced, will be fun... even 17 year old fun... it will just be different... but as long as I feel it and breath and really enjoy it... I will tackle it with some grace! 

...and can we just understand the sugar content of the county fair!
The cotton candy that fluffy sticky awesomeness that is so good that it even tends to end up in pigtail braids... yep, that good!
Cecilia had her first caramel apple this year... it's been a long time coming and she was thrilled! even with rainbow sprinkles... what!

I highly recommend going to the fair a couple of times in your child's life... I also recommend shoes and socks and a nice hot shower when you return home! This fair day to us was classic! We ended the night on the big ferris wheel and our girls silly and jacked up on sugar... they looked at us and we looked at them and smiled... the get it... we knew we held on to it the whole time and it now is burned into our hearts... chizzed in our minds like the way things are filed away in Riley's mind in the movie, "Inside Out..." Sometimes our lives are a little like a Disney movie, and that's ok... Mickey's cool!

And lastly... a little slideshow...

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