Friday, April 22, 2016

berry patch days...

For me childhood is about being outside freedom and in the fresh air... childhood is about grass stains and berry juice dripping from your elbows.
Today is Earth Day and I thought why not write about nature, fresh air and heck, some strawberries!

A few weeks back we met some sweet friends at a nearby farm and picked and ate berries until our bellies hurt! Farm strawberries are truly the sweetest! some almost too sweet to eat! yowch! 
It was so fun to just hang out and hunt for the reddest berries of all! The kids ran up and down the aisles and squashed the rotten berries and gobbled up the sweet ones! They should really weigh the kids before and after! 
Friendships are important... long lasting friendships are a treasure and I am certain these kids will grow up together and one day take their own little tribe onto a berry patch and fill their bolga baskets to the rim. 
Happy Earth Day Friends!
Be nice to our Earth today and always!

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