Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Summer 2015 Road Trip!!! (part three)

right as we turned into the winding roads of North Carolina and got a bit closer to Highlands... We felt it... That mountain air came breezing through our opened windows... it was crisper... we opened the sun roof and reached up to let the breeze fly on our finger tips... then the sweet scents of flowers filled our car... we all said it at once... "it's just like Sweden..." there you have it. This summer we did not make it over the pond... we of course were sad about it... but this little gem of a place felt really nice to be in... The smells of the mountain flowers in the air... the bumble bees chasing the cars... the humming of them buzzing around... it makes you turn your clocks off and just be in the present... it's beautiful there! 

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