Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Summer 2015 Road Trip!!! (part one)

I can't believe how much I love camping with my little family! There is just something so special about falling asleep like sardines and that damp air with hints of campfire and those crickets... I love the memories we take away from each and every time camping... I love the people we meet... the things we learn... 
Our girls have learned so many cool things just by camping... Camping gives them so much confidence and bravery! I mean lighting a fire with a flint stone... awesome! They are old enough now to pitch the tent all by themselves. They find the perfect flat plot and figure out which view from the front door they want... Tarp goes down... sleeping bags get unrolled. They have learned about trees and which leaves belong to which tree and what birch wood looks like compared to walnut... They know how to wash dishes in the river... and slice tomatoes with Swiss army knives. We love to decorate our sites wherever we go... always a pretty tablecloth, twinkle lights, and sometimes flowers but for sure fruits we find at little markets. We get our camping on and I feel so darn lucky to give this to our girls! Camping and giving them so much freedom and responsibilities also give me a little peace of mind... for one day they will be little women in this big world and gosh if you can camp pretty well you can do pretty much anything... :-)

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  1. Mattias spoils everyone when you camp with him. Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin! The girls are so good at camping! You are too. We will have to glamp again!