Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dreaming of Summer... a little.

This summer we had a bit of a stay-cation to begin... It was amazing... it was just what we needed as a family... Being together, no hurries, no worries. Just kinda checking in with each other and tuning in to just that. The end of the school year was a bit of a stress field with so many pressures and stresses so many that I really cannot even begin to bore with you with... So just a few weeks of exhaling was so much needed! I mean really! Mid-summer we did go on a road trip... post coming in a bit... But the beginning of the summer was really nice for us. 
It gets quite hot here in the summer months so it's kind of the time when we stay in doors a bit more... fans on high and air turned cool... popsicles, watermelon.. swimming pools. We did a lot of art as well... worked on water colors which the girls are getting quite good at actually. I alway find watercolors are so difficult to get the paintbrush to do what I like, especially with details.... but I'm learning. I love how the summer months in our garden fills with the sounds of crickets and cicadas. The chirps are insane and you can barely hear each other... the the frogs get croaking and it turns to a rhythm from one tree to the next... it's so funny! I love how the summer months our girls hardly wear their shoes... not even flip flops... it's like the time of the year their feet are free... and believe it or not but Isabelle (our oldest) went from a size 13 to a 3... I swear it's because her feet get to be free. Their toes get to climb, pound on the Earth, and paddle in the sea... 

I still think about our summer... 

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