Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

this is what it's all about... the hustle the bustle... to me, it's the little things. The look in their eyes when they know that it's almost time for Santa Claus to land on our rooftop... the way their sleepy heads tilt and smile... that moment when one of the girls remembers that Santa put candy canes on our tree... and the other leaps up to find the two new ornaments... the letters to Santa, the goodbyes and only touch of our elf... the ginger thin cookies and candles lit... EVERYWHERE... the sounds of crackly wrapping paper and tape being torn... the way our tree looks when lit... the chill in the air outside and sometimes if you're lucky you can see your breath... the anticipation... it's all Christmas to me. The traditions that we have borrowed from our past and made for our future... the traditions that now our own children count on and depend on and get filled to the rim with... those are the things that make up Christmas to me... and I love it so.

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