Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cecilia is 6!!!!!!

I just love how happy she gets!!! This smile this squeeze your smile out smile... it's awesome! 

big sister Isabelle loves to help out... she's such a sweet girl... sweet sister. I love just letting her... letting go... letting her do her own thing. It makes her feel so important and big! and I think she does a pretty great job right!

it was a "Rainbow Art Party!" with a unicorn flair! :-) I love her! 


There was so much magic! So much happiness this December in our garden... a bunch of little kindergarteners... running, playing, painting, imagining... it's what she wanted! She loves rainbows and loves art and being creative! So this party was just perfectly for her! I had so much fun putting so many fun details together for this one! The girls helped out a bunch too! That's my favorite part... working together to create a day we'll always have... 

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