Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions...

Thanksgiving is the kickoff! Don'tcha think!? I love it! I love the anticipation that Christmas is getting near... I love the baking, the cooking, the candles all lit... 
Every year since I was little we wake up and watch the Macy's Day Parade... We turn the volume up loud and pretend we are in the parade... The girls and I pretend we are the Radio City Rockettes of course... we kick our legs high and laugh so hard when Pappa tries to as well! ha! During the parade we start making the Thanksgiving dinner rolls... The girls roll them and sprinkle the seeds on top... it's so much fun for them! Once the parade is over the buns are done, we see Santa... and it's Christmas! 
My parents had Thanksgiving this year! It was really nice! lots of family in town! lots of food! lots of wines! it was amazing! Our traditional croquet match was played... still not so sure who won...? hmm
It was a really great Thanksgiving! So nice with so many traditions and so much family togetherness! 

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