Sunday, July 6, 2014

relaxing at home...

it's been so nice and cozy... relaxing around the home... the girls are in sweet love with their baby cousin Ronja Elsie! They just adore her so much and it's so cute to see! This niece of mine... I'm in LOVE!!! she is so soft and cuddly and I get to hold her so! it's the best! 
There is also a little neighbor named Stella that lives next door! The girls have loved playing with her as well! She's super sweet and there is a little opening in the fence for the girls to walk over... Just a couple days in to our vacation the girls have met this sweet girl... and since then their Swedish has really improved... I always knew they understood Swedish but to actually hear them speaking little sentences... and asking us how to say things and actually pronouncing things properly... it's so beautiful!

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