Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kivik, Sweden is beautiful!

To me Kivik is a dreamy little seaside village that while walking through you start to imagine yourself living there... which little home will be ours... will I have the puffy peonies or hydrangeas lining my sweet white fence... maybe I can be an artist and paint in my garden while my cat sleeps next to my feet... this village is perfectly sweet and I love it so!

The little roads trail in and out between homes just wide enough for a little fiat to fit... as you walk you can't help but sneak a peek into the residents lives... their little garden parties in their gardens with laundry drying so. Friends over sharing wine and grilling fresh wild salmon and laughing full belly laughs while their children swing on the tree limbs and beg their parents to walk to the ice cream shop down the lane... sometimes I wonder is this for real... 

and then there is the sea... that feels like home to me... it's where I feel like myself... I don't know what it is about the water but it's like my body needs to be near it... I think maybe I was a mermaid in my last life...

the water was so calm this day... like glass. The girls tried to catch little shrimps by their toes...  

Monday, July 28, 2014


I think one of my favorite things about Sweden is how connected with nature I feel while visiting... Sweden is so outdoorsy and full of so much beauty... in a foresty kind of way. ha! 
While here I just love to be outside... hiking, swimming, looking at the clouds, and just breathing deeply such fresh magical air!
This is my most favorite forest! Stenshuved!
Legend has it that this giant forest was made by a mad giant! He threw a big rock at the shore and this forest was made... I love how these legends become real!
I love how fairies live all throughout the forests... trolls are sleeping in the daytime... if you don't brush your teeth the trolls come in your mouth while you sleep... the fairies paint the butterfly wings...'s a magical land that that is painted with glitter...

Åhus... I really loved this town!

wow, I really loved Åhus, Sweden!
such a beautiful little town with so much water and beauty and little charm... and hey it's where Absolute Vodka comes from... so kinda really loved it!

We met our sweet friends in this town since it is kinda in between where we both are staying... and since we have never been... It was so great exploring with them... finding amazing ice cream... playgrounds... art galleries... catching up telling each other where we have been the past year and listening to their stories as well... and Mamma Johanna was looking quite pretty with her sweet little bump... so happy for them!