Monday, June 16, 2014

some fun from the Springtime...

Cecilia has lately really been interested in art... she has and art teacher at school Miss. Sami who Cecilia totally adores! So now Cecilia wants to be an artist as well... she is an artist actually already... she keeps telling us... :-)

I did a fun little egg hunt at both of our girl's schools this spring... it was so cute! 

and look who can ride a two wheeler bike... Thank you Umpa for teaching this little brave girl how to ride without training wheels! she's so excited! that bike used to be mine! 

They did a really sweet May Day celebration at Isabelle's Montessori school! Her sweet teacher tied strips of fabric and taught the children how to weave the strips in and out... then after we celebrated by making smoothies with fruit from the children's homes... such a sweet day! 

learning how to skateboard is serious business!

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