Saturday, August 10, 2013

International Festival Goodies...

food is our life!
some people eat to live... others live to eat...
we live breath and dream food!
good food!
food that makes you get goosebumps with first bites!
We love cooking! love the art... the history... the culture!
so many different inspirations from so many different lands, people, customs... what they have in their lands... what they get inspired from... it's so beautiful!
as a kid my favorite books were and still are cookbooks! my Grandmother and I love looking at them... reading the recipes... books with amazing pictures... and accent photographs of the land in which the cook is inspired by... a family gathering, a celebration dinner, just Tuesday night dinners... they all deserve to be amazing...!

Every year while in Sweden there is an International Festival! We love it! I think we have gone 3 times now! It's so fun! There are booths from all around the world sharing their specialties...
Every year we go and gather different foods from places like Spain, Poland, France, Italy, even Australia has a booth! We get little bits from each and go home and sample... it's so fun and I look forward to it each year!

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