Thursday, July 4, 2013

camping in the Spring...

oh my... our family LOVES to camp and gosh, we found the most amazing campground close to our home!  It was so beautiful! full of really nice people! animals! hiking! adventure! 

We always tent camp which is our favorite! just us in nature separated by a thin nylon tent! perfect! you can hear the crickets! the frogs! We always cook every meal by the fire! it's so fun! The kids help out and gosh they learn so much about being outdoors and really using their resources... 

oh what a sunrise... just unzip your tent and this golden light wakes you... it was all dew droppy and Isabelle started to wake up too... so her and I held hands and walked to this... and watched the sunrise! something that has always been on my to-do list... watch the sunrise with our girls... we do it every once in awhile... and when we do... gosh it's beautiful! 

the oldest oak tree in America! it's HUGE!!! the girls loved climbing all of the knotty nubs... it was so fun!

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