Wednesday, July 10, 2013

arriving in Sweden...

how nice... we made it to Sweden!!! that long flight is always worth it when you arrive to happy smiles, blue skies, and scents of roses every where you turn. It feels good to be back. Feels like it was just when we left last...  ps. the above pic yes, the girls have helmets on... why? they got bikes when they got here and have been on them since! so funny! 

my sister-in-law is pregnant and has been quite the baker/chef! she makes the most amazing loaves of bread with all sorts of seeds and crunch.... the kind of bread when you toast and smear the butter on top it melts and smells like it's just out of the oven again... oh the taste... unreal! These cinnamon buns are one of our favorites! always nice to have with your afternoon "fika" coffee break.

These are the bike girls... I stopped to think yesterday as I was basking in the sun... hahaha... how our girls will look back and remember their trips to Sweden.... all of their beautiful colorful memories. riding bikes through the garden... staying at the house behind their grandparent's and climbing through the fence to wake them... flicking SOS signals through the top floor windows to signal goodnights to Farmor & Farfar... running through hung laundry and hiding behind lavender bushes... I love to paint these memories on their hearts... this is what's important to me. Not remember to read over the summer... not having a schedule... but just remember to be a kid. Children are just little for such a short amount of time....... this I am certain, is the most important job...

oh finding little treasures of little girls makes me laugh so much!
Ponies hiding in flower pots... yesterday the ponies had a wedding... there were stepping stones of red rose peddles... of course.
It's nice to have the time to sit and watch our girls... being on vacation and letting go is simply mandatory for us! We do whatever it takes to get away as a family... we make it happen and promise that we will always!

this is the house where we are staying the first bit of our 6 week trip... 

 one of the requests of the home owner was to feed their cat... done... and to pick the strawberries... um... ok! wow, strawberries!!! right in your backyard! whenever you need one just pluck! they are nice and warm from the sun and full of so much sweetness!!!

I could get used to this vacation life... always! hmm... how could I do this... :-)
it's going to be a really fun time I'm so looking forward to each day as I fall asleep on my bed made of horse hair... The cool night air creeps in our window... what will we do today...? feeling like a forest hike maybe?  ... we'll see.

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