Thursday, July 4, 2013

a little farm, a little baby, and a little friend... oh my!

we got a little pet! ... meet Lana!!! She's quite cute don'tcha think! so with getting a pet the girls a week after insisted on a party! a birthday party... for Lana the fish! It was lovely! we sat at the craft table... sang to her... opened presents... took pictures... made her feel like the most special fish ever! 

a nice day on the farm out east... we heard there were little fresh picked blueberries for sale at the farm... so off we went... our little Cecilia is quite the blueberry girl!  

 Isabelle had a little friend over after school... it was so much fun! we colored! had tea parties! giggled! it was sweet to just pretend I was busy with things and just listened in on them... adorable! 

my pal since we were 5 just had her newest little bundle in the spring! It was so so exciting! 3rd little boy for them and gosh is he ever a sweetie! meet Ryder!!! 

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