Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christmas Morning...

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he came he came!!!
Tomten came to our home!!! So exciting this fun Swedish tradition! Tomten comes and delivers gifts to the children in person! my heart skips a beat with anticipation and it's all so much fun!

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Skyping with Farmor & Farfar... bringing the world a little bit closer with this amazing technology! you really can live anywhere and be so close... but gosh if only they could give Skype hugs... now THAT would be a business!

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Christmas Eve dinner...

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I want to always remember how our littlest loves paper... to cut it, to roll it, to fold it into tiny pieces... she's obsessed and I love watching her consentrating...

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this is what I love... Christmas morning... so early, so quiet.. the calm before all the squeels... I love the squeels too... but this... this just waking up feel... the neighborhood so quiet... then it happens... Christmas happens... the children wake so happy! trying out their new bikes, skates, scooters... laughter... oh what fun!

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do you see these smiles... these smiles are what make it real!
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the happiness that the magic of Santa delivered each sweet thoughtful gift to them personally! The excitement that he really must have gotten my letter feeling... 

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an ornament made by the elves... how special!

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