Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mermaid Cuteness!

 photo 300_2963.jpg

In December we had such a fun party! Our little sweet Cecilia turned 4!!!one more!
I love having a little with a birthday in December!
seems like the perfect month for celebrating! and yes, we do go all out even thought it's the 19th of DECEMBER!!! 5 days before Christmas! I love it! I love freezing the madness for a moment to totally put my all into her! Forget the hustle and bustle just be all Birthday FUN!
To do this it does I must admit take a good strategy! hahaha... I'm on my 4th year of it... and after 6 birthdays with her sister I feel kinda like a pro! We are full of so many traditions and my gosh I have it totally down now!
Christmas shopping MUST be done in November! Party planning starts in October... oh oh... and did I forget... it's our busiest time with our business... so for a procrastinator, I really am learning to plan ahead... and I kinda love it!
most shopping is done ONLINE! best thing ever! a lot of Etsy! a lot of cool Waldorf inspired websites, and for everything else... small businesses locally!
When going about her birthday I keep all thinking SEPARATE!!!
I shop separate for it! wrap on a separate day.. just to make it special! 

 photo 300_2970.jpg

here we go.... project purple mermaid party!
Cecilia LOVES purple and LOVES mermaids!
so what a fun theme eh!
the above pics are the party favors that we made for the guests!

 photo 300_3049_zps0c1345df.jpg

 photo 300_3051_zps386e90b9.jpg

 photo 300_3056_zpsc59e7c85.jpg

 photo 300_3063_zpsc5908e65.jpg

 photo 300_3060_zpsf3209a40.jpg

 photo 300_3064_zpsdb51abe8.jpg

Here is the Birthday Girl!!!!!!!
 photo 300_3069_zpsd88aa037.jpg

 photo 300_3070_zpsa0497f84.jpg

 photo 300_3073_zpse4990d1a.jpg

 photo 300_3077_zps5767a7be.jpg

 photo 300_3078_zps525780b8.jpg

 photo 300_3085_zpsd41b8c4f.jpg

she had so much fun! what a great day this was!

 photo 300_3092_zps43a90150.jpg

Cecilia and her little best friend...

 photo 300_3098_zpsb7e830c5.jpg

 photo 300_3111_zps6ce77fc4.jpg

 photo 300_3115_zpsc630a683.jpg

old fashioned games...

 photo 300_3123_zps3c503676.jpg

big sister found a worm!!!

 photo 300_3130_zps1ae61c83.jpg

 photo 300_3162_zps249aae79.jpg

 photo 300_3175_zpsa5270ea4.jpg

 photo 300_3198_zpsa69b6212.jpg

 photo 300_3230_zpsbd8c3b4f.jpg

 photo 300_3239_zpscdd2b609.jpg

 photo 300_3246_zpse4fb6313.jpg

a really really nice and cozy pretty party!

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