Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I 'heart' Christmas!

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Oh my he loves his girlies!
this little cutie my have stolen his heart this night.
I love how even though Pappa Mattias may not be the biggest ballet fan... he gets pretty fluttery when his little shy girl tip toes across the stage...
Mattias was quite the shy boy growing up so he totally feels her pain. :-)

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Cecilia's best friend Tais!

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traditions... I love them!
Advent... love!

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Cecilia's 4th Birthday!
wakey wakey!
a tradition in our home is on one's birthday we sing and get breakfast in bed and open presents!
what a way to wake!
ps... that aligator... the only thing she wanted! ;-)

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Isabelle was so excited!

 photo 300_3326_zps568b280c.jpg

happy girl...

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Uma & Umpa came for dinner and cake...
sparkly converse chucks! thank you thank you Uma & Umpa!

 photo 300_3331_zpseb580323.jpg

chocolate roll torte! yummmmm!

 photo 300_3333-1_zps421fe3ef.jpg

make a wish!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
wow, 4 years old!
I love being your Mamma!

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