Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christmas Magic

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fresh made Swedish Saffron buns... one of the many perks of being married to a Swede... :-)

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opening her sweet birthday gifts from Farmor & Farfar!

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To me, Christmas is magic...
So many feelings... excitement, happiness, memories...
Having children at Christmas is a big giant present!
I love experiencing all of its coziness with our girls... passing on traditions to them... knowing that one day when they are grown they may have a family to love and share these same traditions with... they may have sweet children to be excited with as well!
and my goodness we surely will be there to share in the magic!

On Christmas Eve I always remember back to last year... one of my favorite memories with our family... well heck I kinda love every one... but this one really stands out!...
It was Christmas Eve before going to sleep we sat on our driveway all cuddled up together...
Isabelle whispered, "Mamma, if you are really quiet and listen hard, you can hear the bells..." oh I nearly melted... pure wonder and magic all rolled up to 4 happy cats on our driveway... no worries, no cares, just us together and a sky full of sparkly stars!

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