Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a little gardening and St. Lucia fest... oh my!

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oh my do I ever love our little girl's 1st grade garden!
myself and 2 other mamas are the garden moms! It's SO MUCH FUN!
every week I get to hang out on Friday for an hour with her class... letting them get dirty! feel some mud! muck up their shoes! eat tomatos from the bush!
heck even one day we just let them take off their shoes and lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by...
something happens when kids take their shoes off... they relax and become so calm... it's crazy!
I love getting the chance to teach these sweet minds about where their food really comes from... a little bit about nature... how to love it and treat our sweet Earth with so much love!
it's a real treat and my girl loves seeing me!
I love her happy face when I walk in and she runs to me fast with open arms! big hugs! this mom thing is awesome!

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a little latke treat!

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building a treehouse, oh my! how lucky did I get!

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and now for a little Sankta Lucia fun!
Every year we celebrate Lucia with the Swedish Club in town!
who knew... a Swedish club huh!
It's so cute and a great way for our girls to connect with their Pappa's heritage a bit!

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our little shy girl won't budge... nope.. not doing it.
oh well maybe next year...
for now she just hangs on to one of our fingers or grabs tightly our shirt or my dress...
and reads a little music... hee hee..
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something about a dark quiet church lit only by candles that is so so beautiful...
I remember when I was in Sweden for Christmas and we went to church on little Christmas Eve...
It nearly brought me to tears... maybe 500 candles... every window was lit, the alter was fantastic..
the choir sang carols that I recognized even though the language was different... outside it was snowing and so still and quiet...
I'll never forget it.

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