Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christmas Magic

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fresh made Swedish Saffron buns... one of the many perks of being married to a Swede... :-)

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opening her sweet birthday gifts from Farmor & Farfar!

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To me, Christmas is magic...
So many feelings... excitement, happiness, memories...
Having children at Christmas is a big giant present!
I love experiencing all of its coziness with our girls... passing on traditions to them... knowing that one day when they are grown they may have a family to love and share these same traditions with... they may have sweet children to be excited with as well!
and my goodness we surely will be there to share in the magic!

On Christmas Eve I always remember back to last year... one of my favorite memories with our family... well heck I kinda love every one... but this one really stands out!...
It was Christmas Eve before going to sleep we sat on our driveway all cuddled up together...
Isabelle whispered, "Mamma, if you are really quiet and listen hard, you can hear the bells..." oh I nearly melted... pure wonder and magic all rolled up to 4 happy cats on our driveway... no worries, no cares, just us together and a sky full of sparkly stars!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I 'heart' Christmas!

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Oh my he loves his girlies!
this little cutie my have stolen his heart this night.
I love how even though Pappa Mattias may not be the biggest ballet fan... he gets pretty fluttery when his little shy girl tip toes across the stage...
Mattias was quite the shy boy growing up so he totally feels her pain. :-)

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Cecilia's best friend Tais!

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traditions... I love them!
Advent... love!

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Cecilia's 4th Birthday!
wakey wakey!
a tradition in our home is on one's birthday we sing and get breakfast in bed and open presents!
what a way to wake!
ps... that aligator... the only thing she wanted! ;-)

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Isabelle was so excited!

 photo 300_3326_zps568b280c.jpg

happy girl...

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Uma & Umpa came for dinner and cake...
sparkly converse chucks! thank you thank you Uma & Umpa!

 photo 300_3331_zpseb580323.jpg

chocolate roll torte! yummmmm!

 photo 300_3333-1_zps421fe3ef.jpg

make a wish!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
wow, 4 years old!
I love being your Mamma!

a little gardening and St. Lucia fest... oh my!

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oh my do I ever love our little girl's 1st grade garden!
myself and 2 other mamas are the garden moms! It's SO MUCH FUN!
every week I get to hang out on Friday for an hour with her class... letting them get dirty! feel some mud! muck up their shoes! eat tomatos from the bush!
heck even one day we just let them take off their shoes and lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by...
something happens when kids take their shoes off... they relax and become so calm... it's crazy!
I love getting the chance to teach these sweet minds about where their food really comes from... a little bit about nature... how to love it and treat our sweet Earth with so much love!
it's a real treat and my girl loves seeing me!
I love her happy face when I walk in and she runs to me fast with open arms! big hugs! this mom thing is awesome!

 photo 300_3014_zpse7006660.jpg

a little latke treat!

 photo 300_3015_zps8ab3b282.jpg

building a treehouse, oh my! how lucky did I get!

 photo 300_3017_zps7167c559.jpg

and now for a little Sankta Lucia fun!
Every year we celebrate Lucia with the Swedish Club in town!
who knew... a Swedish club huh!
It's so cute and a great way for our girls to connect with their Pappa's heritage a bit!

 photo 300_3019_zpsa3281d30.jpg

our little shy girl won't budge... nope.. not doing it.
oh well maybe next year...
for now she just hangs on to one of our fingers or grabs tightly our shirt or my dress...
and reads a little music... hee hee..
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 photo 300_3028_zpsd00dfc54.jpg

 photo 300_3041_zps2989380f.jpg

something about a dark quiet church lit only by candles that is so so beautiful...
I remember when I was in Sweden for Christmas and we went to church on little Christmas Eve...
It nearly brought me to tears... maybe 500 candles... every window was lit, the alter was fantastic..
the choir sang carols that I recognized even though the language was different... outside it was snowing and so still and quiet...
I'll never forget it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mermaid Cuteness!

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In December we had such a fun party! Our little sweet Cecilia turned 4!!!one more!
I love having a little with a birthday in December!
seems like the perfect month for celebrating! and yes, we do go all out even thought it's the 19th of DECEMBER!!! 5 days before Christmas! I love it! I love freezing the madness for a moment to totally put my all into her! Forget the hustle and bustle just be all Birthday FUN!
To do this it does I must admit take a good strategy! hahaha... I'm on my 4th year of it... and after 6 birthdays with her sister I feel kinda like a pro! We are full of so many traditions and my gosh I have it totally down now!
Christmas shopping MUST be done in November! Party planning starts in October... oh oh... and did I forget... it's our busiest time with our business... so for a procrastinator, I really am learning to plan ahead... and I kinda love it!
most shopping is done ONLINE! best thing ever! a lot of Etsy! a lot of cool Waldorf inspired websites, and for everything else... small businesses locally!
When going about her birthday I keep all thinking SEPARATE!!!
I shop separate for it! wrap on a separate day.. just to make it special! 

 photo 300_2970.jpg

here we go.... project purple mermaid party!
Cecilia LOVES purple and LOVES mermaids!
so what a fun theme eh!
the above pics are the party favors that we made for the guests!

 photo 300_3049_zps0c1345df.jpg

 photo 300_3051_zps386e90b9.jpg

 photo 300_3056_zpsc59e7c85.jpg

 photo 300_3063_zpsc5908e65.jpg

 photo 300_3060_zpsf3209a40.jpg

 photo 300_3064_zpsdb51abe8.jpg

Here is the Birthday Girl!!!!!!!
 photo 300_3069_zpsd88aa037.jpg

 photo 300_3070_zpsa0497f84.jpg

 photo 300_3073_zpse4990d1a.jpg

 photo 300_3077_zps5767a7be.jpg

 photo 300_3078_zps525780b8.jpg

 photo 300_3085_zpsd41b8c4f.jpg

she had so much fun! what a great day this was!

 photo 300_3092_zps43a90150.jpg

Cecilia and her little best friend...

 photo 300_3098_zpsb7e830c5.jpg

 photo 300_3111_zps6ce77fc4.jpg

 photo 300_3115_zpsc630a683.jpg

old fashioned games...

 photo 300_3123_zps3c503676.jpg

big sister found a worm!!!

 photo 300_3130_zps1ae61c83.jpg

 photo 300_3162_zps249aae79.jpg

 photo 300_3175_zpsa5270ea4.jpg

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 photo 300_3230_zpsbd8c3b4f.jpg

 photo 300_3239_zpscdd2b609.jpg

 photo 300_3246_zpse4fb6313.jpg

a really really nice and cozy pretty party!