Wednesday, February 29, 2012

as simple as fresh OJ...


sometimes there are days where I just want to be home... I just want to watch my babies grow... that's it!
I swear they grow while they are sleeping... each night I watch them sleep and wonder... how did they get so big...
how can I slow things down...


the only way to really slow things down is to really slow down...
It's important to feel the days and let them be slow... it feels fantastic!


I feel so great about simple days... days of doing nothing... sitting in our pajamas until lunchtime...
This day we spent the morning in the garden... Our oldest Isabelle, peeked up with excitement and noticed the oranges were ready for picking! She then said, "remember all the years of us picking the oranges and squeezing the juice..." I love when she remembers when... It makes all those days of doing memorable things worth it...

I want to do things with our girls... as a family... so they can look back and love their life!

some days are crazy... but it makes the simple ones amazing!


our youngest Cecilia is growing out of her pig tails... they are now little Pippi braids... her curls are waves.
she talks all the time... is stronge.. and gives the best hugs I could ever imagine... like the ones that make me puff an uuummmf and I can really feel my heart growing!
our oldest is growing into a sweet little lady...she squeezes orange juice like a sun-of-a-gun! seeds pop and the skin breaks... the juices drip down her sticky hands as she slurps and licks every drop! when the halves fall she quickly picks them up... brushes them off... and sets them up for a squeeze! 


happy cat sister Cecilia giggles and applauds as if each and every thing that her big sister does is the coolest thing she has ever seen!... and maybe it is...


I love our life... I want us to grow and yet be little forever... I want us to have orange juice stands when we're 85... I want orange juice kisses forever!

I love that our oldest still wants to marry her Pappa(dad)when she grows up... and I love that she still wants to live next door with her sister when they get bigger... and I love that she asks if we can still lay together and hug together when she is a grown up... yes, always... we can always hold hands and give kisses and lay together even when we are 100!

Isabelle is turning 6 this Saturday...
I'm happy for her... I'm happy for so many things!

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