Monday, September 19, 2011

slooooowwwww down!




these are some of my favorite parts... my favorite days!
just being at home... biking on our sidewalk.. bar-b-qing fish in our garden... these are the little things that to me are BIG!

sometimes life gets going ... someone presses fast forward and all of a sudden two weeks have flown by and I find myself a little bit upset at where the time went! sometimes I feel rushed and feel that I haven't had a deep breath... a really really deep breath!

with elementary school starting trying to find our new rhythm has been almost impossible... I feel it's a constant scurry to be on time.. to get to bed... to pack a lunch... go go go!

but then once those days, weeks, months even have passed... and you actually realize that someone pushed fast forward...
then you get reminded to SLOW DOWN! QUICKLY SLOW DOWN!!!

I was reminded that maybe last night... as we again didn't get home until close to 9pm on a school night!
why... because we spent the day at IKEA!!! of course!
why does that store take your watch and any knowledge of time at the door... pipe in through the ac that feeling to need everything... why not it's only $5.. why not it's only 29cents... they suck your brain and you leave the parking lot with that stare and wonder... what the hell did we get! -that kind of feeling!
I felt that flutter in my heart that panic feeling that my kids will be tired...non bathed... cranky!
then I vow again to S L O W down fast before it passes!

so here I am again... slowing down a little this week... keeping things tidy... keeping the rhythm...

best part when you feel the need to slow down you can always get a chance to do so... there is always tomorrow!
my tomorrow is today...
on the schedule
swings and gardening

seems nice!



  1. I have felt this way a lot this past summer, with the big move. The kids are sick this week and it is rainy here so slow down we must!

    I always love seeing your beautiful photos of your sweet family. xox

  2. good times.....I love happy people.