Saturday, July 30, 2011

rain doesn't stop these Swedes!




it's so inspiring these Swedes... when the rain comes pouring down... they don't run for cover...
instead they put on their rain gear and head outdoors!

ok... not as much as if the sun is shining but really... if you need to get to the store... on with the rain boots... dog needs a walk.. get the umbrella!

This visit has been a tad on the rainy side... I forgot what that was like after last summer's visit... last year was so crazy hot that I even had to buy extra tank tops!
this year I bought rain jackets...

it's not like we come to Sweden for an exotic vacation on the beach... so we don't mind too much...

but we have 3 days left in this beautiful country and a little sunshine could be a fun finale!... crossing fingers!

This was at our friends' Annual Gris Fest... (Pig Roast)... lots of fun games and lots of amazing food with amazing friends!

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