Tuesday, June 7, 2011

road trip 2011!!!




I love our little family... I love how we can have fun doing just about anything and I love how our children the older they get are starting to realize what a family is.

Our oldest, probably every day, says just how much she loves her family. I can see how much she lights up when we spend quality time together. By quality time, all that I mean is being close, calm, and in love!
We say I love you so many times a day... I feel when you love something, or someone... show it! say it! feel it! be happy!
This is how I was raised... this is how we nurture our children... with love... hugs... a million kisses... and a good long 11 hour road trip!

being inside of a teeny VW Jetta will get you pretty cozy cozy! ha!
driving on long stretches of highway with so many things to see can be so much fun! (if you make it fun!)
Stopping at rest stops cooking a little dinner!
playing pirate fairies with your children will totally fix your stiff legs...
finding fun coupon books to flip through... stopping at shady truck gas stations with creepy alligator heads for sale and little coffee mugs with peaches for a woman's breast and fun wind chimes made of spoons.
oh the beauty!

When I was a kid we would drive up to Canada maybe every summer... now that's a road trip!
My brother and I would count license plates... trees... look for birds... watch the changes in scenery and listen to my parent's oldies music from the 60s! I remember when the rain would hit watching the drips of rain drops gliding down my window... my glass would fog with my nose breaths... I would close one eye then the other watching the drops move with my right eye... then left. I would get scared when we would drive in really bad rain storms and sit on my clenched fingers... watching the drip drops on my window glass... imagining the drops were angels getting our car through the scary storm.

We like to take road trips... any vacation!
so when my friend called two weeks ago to see if we felt like going for a little vacation to the mountains of North Carolina!
in a week...
We checked our calenders... our budget... and quickly smiled
and said YES!!!

so to the mountains we went for Memorial Day Weekend!!!

check back tomorrow for mountain pics!


  1. what fun road tripping. Your such an adorable family:)

  2. Lovely. Sounds like an interesting trip. Distances are not so vast here - 11 hours would take us from one end of the country to another.
    My 4 year old tells us he loves us all the time too. Last night he decided that we had to tell each other every morning, day, afternoon, night and supper !
    And we do. xx