Wednesday, May 4, 2011

heat wave...


it's that time...
putting away the closed in shoes... pack away the long sleeves...
jeans up on the top shelf...
sun dresses to the front of the closet... flip flops on the shoe rack... hair cuts... sun hats... new sun glasses

and even the long sun dresses may need a little knot to make them shorter...
yes oh yes...
the heat is here in Florida!

as it is... I do look forward to everything and really I think I get my whole family excited... even though the heat can be a bit overwhelming ... you have to make the best out of everything!
think hot bath water at the beach which is the Gulf of Mexico... no need to bundle when you get out of the cozy water... sometimes a summer breeze will cool you off at the beach...
walks after dinner where all you need is some shorts, tank top, and some cute flip flops... that's it!
or if you're one of our little girls... some underpants or a bikini!

and my favorite... Florida summer lightening storms! can't describe it... you have to experience them yourself.. they're unreal!

so we welcome the heat with pop sickles and bubbles and a kiddie pool!
love the change!





  1. I'm going to try - really hard - to follow your lead here. The heat has zapped me over the past few days! Perhaps I need a popsicle and a dip in the pool...

  2. I actually Love summer in Florida. Yes, it is hot, but it is most of the Countrytoo but we have the Gulf breezes, nice beaches, pools and AC It is Time to swim, picnic, be outside then cool off inside. time slows down and the locals hang out together. Fun time of the year in Sarasota...for sure. I am with you and the excitement on that, Kollene xox Cher

  3. the heat can be so over whelming and put in me a sour mood. i love your positive outlook on all the little things that are wonderful about our florida heat! thanks for the reminder :)