Thursday, May 26, 2011

all around the mulberry bush....


Happy Weekend Everybody!!!

I leave you with this sweet image that I took at our oldest girl's preschool... they have an amazing mulberry tree in their garden!
Every day this spring when we pick her up she runs to the tree to gobble a few mulberries! she shares some with her sister who can't quite reach them, and away we go...
so many of their clothes end up with mulberry purples and so do their lips... but I love it!

We leave today for the weekend... heading up to North Carolina!
We are going to my sweet friend's cabin until Memorial Day!
Should be so much fun! I cannot wait to see spring in the mountains... hiking... waterfalls... yay!


  1. yum mulberrys, how fun for your daughter to have them as an after preschool treat!